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Maximilian and Carlota

“Given its great historical backdrop and the significant implications involved...” [More...]
— DAVID COFFEY, University of Tennessee at Martin

“Authoritative, detailed, and engrossing... ” [More...]— Publishers Weekly

“With the 150th anniversary in mind (April 10, 1864), Maximilian and Carlota details...” [More...]
— Foreword Reviews

“World history is most engrossing when read not as a litany of dates, battles,..." [More...]
— Texas Exes Alcalde Magazine

“Mexican history offers a phantasmagoria that beggars the imagination...” [More...]
— LUIS ALBERTO URREA, author of The Hummingbird’s Daughter

A Brave Boy & A Good Soldier

Shortly before his fourteenth birthday, John Christopher Columbus Hill left home with his father and older brother to join the ill-fated 1842 Texas expedition to Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico, to end any questions over ownership of Texas...[More...]

I Would Rather Sleep in Texas

This superb work of history tells the compelling story of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and the people who struggled to make this land their home. Spanish Conquistadors and Mexican revolutionaries, cowboys and ranchers...[more...]



"I'd Rather Sleep in Texas was a valuable resource in my research for Henry Louis Gates's PBS series Faces of America. It was fascinating to realize how little Americans know about the rich, complicated history of South Texas and its shifting borders. So much of our nation's historical narrative focuses on the pioneers in New England and the Northwest, when the earliest settlers on the Rio Grande predate the pilgrims. I felt lucky to come across a book written by a descendant of these settlers, a talented writer whose quest to understand her family's past gave the history a personal touch. Weaving family stories, photographs, and artifacts into a larger historical tapestry is a wonderful way to make history come alive."

Julia Marchesi

Co-Producer, "Faces of America"